Our Services

The stage of life you are in helps determines what our main focus will be:




 Here are examples of topics that we cover and the services that go with them:

Financial Planning

  • Creation of initial and periodically updated financial plans.

  • Development of “what if” scenarios and stress testing.

  • Debt management and refinancing options.

  • Emergency fund guidance and management.

Retirement Planning

  • Consolidation and organization of assets and goals.

  • Retirement income planning and projections.

  • Monitor the sustainability of resources.

  • Pre- and post- retirement budget management.

Investment Planning

  • Investments and Performance Analysis.

  • Asset Allocation and Rebalancing suggestions.

  • Age appropriate Risk Management.

  • Socially Responsible Investing.

Social Security and Pension Planning

  • Social Security maximization and claiming strategies.

  • Pension payout and survivorship analysis.

Estate and Inheritance Planning

  • Estate Planning document review and analysis.

  • Wealth transfer options and considerations.

  • Inheritance planning and tax considerations.

  • Special needs planning.

Tax Planning

  • Tax management and planning.

  • IRA, Roth IRA and tax free considerations.

  • 70 ½ Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) strategies.

Charitable Planning

  • Charitable tax and estate planning considerations.

  • Charitable gifting strategies.

Education Planning

  • Education funding and investment management.

  • Liquidation and distribution of college funds.

Insurance and Asset Protection

  • Life, Health and Disability Insurance.

  • Long Term Care & Medicaid Planning.

  • Liability Coverage.

Reviews and Personal Attention

  • Reviews and proactive contact throughout the year.

  • We keep track of historical notes and future needs.

  • Online account access, reports and financial tools.

  • Complementary meetings with parents, children or grandchildren. 

Professional Referrals and Joint Assistance

  • Referrals to attorneys, accountants and other specialists.

  • Attending joint professional meetings and conference calls.